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Abuse Comes in Many Forms:

Verbal, Emotional, Physical, Sexual 

learn the patterns-break the cycle

The verbally abusive communication tactics used by controlling people create great mental anguish and pain for their partners; however, these ongoing "incidents" can go unrecognized for years as patterns of abuse, because they often leave no physical marks.

enough is



you're not alone......

It takes the average married woman 18 years to conclude that she is in a verbally abusive relationship.

If you currently feel hopeless and unable to think clearly, you can receive validation for what has been happening to you. If you suspect these patterns in your relationship, it is crucial to seek help and begin to educate yourself. There is a very real need for public education to reach people who aren't necessarily being physically hit; yet, can't quite put words to what is happening to them in their relationship. For women attempting to break out of an abusive cycle, it has been my experience that verbal abuse counseling is a powerful tool in helping them. Education also needs to happen in the community, in the church, and even in the higher academic schools that train counselors.  To begin solving the problem we must treat the real issue and avoid the all too frequent occurence of sending women back into the cycle from which they are desperately trying to break free.  Breaking the cycle, healing yourself and your family can be possible. 










Does your mate treat

you as if you were

the enemy?  Do you end up in a fight over sharing a simple feeling?

The Journey.....

Recognizing there is a problem, educating yourself, standing firm in your resolve to no longer live this way is the beginning of hope. 


Clients repeatedly say that having their reality validated and being taught control dynamics is liberating. 


"I know I still have healing and work ahead of me to regain the parts of myself I lost but I am confident that I am headed in the right direction. 

I thank you so much for your knowledge and passion for helping those of us who lost ourselves due to verbal abuse.

Verbal Abuse Counseling

Client, Arlington


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