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Lifting Anxiety & Depression

a way out  

The path out of depression is never easy; yet, depression is treatable as is anxiety, the “what if” disorder.  At WholeLife Counseling, depression, anxiety and panic disorder as well as avoidance behaviors are treated using a multi-faceted approach that combines the latest advances in Emotional Regulation Therapy. This involves using a device which allows one to restructure the internal health of their ANS, autonomic nervous system.  This technology used in combination with Somatic-body based movement therapies have proven to be a clinically powerful.

It is clear that stress is on the increase in America putting lives at risk to disease.
life can be


the good news:

we can Strengthen our emotional muscles



The current industry standard treatment for depression is CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  However, new research in the field of Neurocardology has shown that there are more emotional connections in the body than cognitive ones.  This is why many fail to make progress using this cognitive based treatment.  It stands to reason that since emotions continue to dominate over cognitve reason, that treatments used to strengthen your emotional muscles would be more effective.  Additionally, skills leaned in calm states don't hold in deep states of depression, panic or anxiety, again having to do with more emotional connections than cognitive. These reasons helpto make sense of why we can desire to be different and on a cognitive level, know we should be, but contiue to struggle to reach our goal.  Know that life can be different!

new weapons in the fight




Emotionally abusive relationships are sometimes among

the root causes of anxiety, hopelessness & depression 

Just as the words of others can be harmful,

so can our own thoughts.  Regaining a sense of belonging and forging new paths for a brighter future are within reach. Science now bears proof that our thoughts have direct and significant impact on our own health and feelings of well-being as well as a direct impact on those around us. 


"When I first came to see Marian, I struggled with becoming so overwhelmed every morning by the thought of going into work that I could barely get to work.  This was a daily struggle.  TRE in combination with emotional regulation has really made a difference in my life. 

Verbal Abuse Counseling



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