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Emotional Regulation Therapy

treating the root cause  

What do people suffering from anger, addiction, anxiety or depression all have in common?  They all lack the ability to healthfully regulate their own emotions.  In most cases, it is an under-statement to say that people who lack this ability tend to be hurtful in relationships. Sadly, people who lack healthy emotional regulation so often fail to see anyone's perspective but their own.  They believe they are the ones being hurt and are unable to understand the toxic effects of their behavior on others, mainly those in their inner circle. 



the good news:

we can Strengthen our emotional muscles


You have heard it said that "Perception is reality."  But what if your mates reality is completely different from yours?  What if your mate chooses not to hear you and withdrawls anytime there is an issue becasue in their mind, their reality believes I shouldn't have to deal with an unhappy spouse or crying baby.  Emotionally unregulated people usually vascillate between anger and avoidance.  Unfortunately, much of the time they are unable to stay in the middle ground and construct positive solutions that are honoring to their mates and children.  This inability to handle the stressors of everyday living also makes them susceptable to addictions of all kinds as they attempt to avoid and withdrawl from life.  The reasons for this are many.  Ungregulated people fail to realize that the very way they set up their reality keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling powerless and victimized.

the way we process emotion

effects everyone and everything

around us

Feeling safe and secure in her relationships means everything to a woman.  Is your mate a safe person for you? 

You can be angry and resentful about whatever you want.  The real question is... do you want to be? Are you aware that anger is linked with heart disease?  For those who continually feel disrespected and devalued, life can be different. The difference begins with you seeing a need to be different. Perhaps you desire to be different but you are unsure how to go about it.  Emotional Regulation training can help.


"When I first came to see Marian, I  shifted between feeling like I could conquer the world and feeling hopeless and abandoned.  I am now able to be present and handle most any situation that comes my way in a positive and constructive manner.  Her counseling has made all the difference.



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