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Trauma Therapy

comprehensive body-mind treatment

The treatment of trauma is complex in that it effects all systems of the body. This fact demands a multi-faceted body-mind treatment approach. Most all clients have experienced past trauma on some level or are currently experiencing ongoing relational trauma. By design we are relational beings so traditional talk therapy will always play a critical role in healing.  But when it comes to the successful treatment of Trauma, TRE - Tension & Trauma Release Exercise, Movement Processing Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychtherapy, and Emotional Regulation Training are imperative techniques in the restoration of a person to healthy functioning.



the good news:

we can Strengthen our emotional muscles


You have heard it said that "Perception is reality."  But what if your mates reality is completely different from yours?  What if your mate chooses not to hear you and withdrawls anytime there is an issue becasue in their mind, their reality believes I shouldn't have to deal with an unhappy spouse or crying baby.  Emotionally unregulated people usually vascillate between anger and avoidance.  Unfortunately, much of the time they are unable to stay in the middle ground and construct positive solutions that are honoring to their mates and children.  This inability to handle the stressors of everyday living also makes them susceptable to addictions of all kinds as they attempt to avoid and withdrawl from life.  The reasons for this are many.  Ungregulated people fail to realize that the very way they set up their reality keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling powerless and victimized.

the way we process emotion

effects everyone and everything

around us

Family members growing up in chaotic households suffer.  Linked physical ailments include fibromyalgia, auto-immune & attention deficit disorders.

“How many mental health problems, from drug addiction to self-injurious behavior, start as attempts to cope with the unbearable physical pain of our emotions? If Darwin was right, the solution requires finding ways to help people alter the inner sensory land-scape of their bodies. Until recently, this bidirectional communication between body and mind was largely ignored... Today it is transforming our understanding of trauma and recovery.”
Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score


"As our counseling progressed, I began to be able to recall traumatic memories which had been blocked.  Together, Marian and I processed the memory out of our chairs using Movement Processing. Later that day, I realized that formidable memory had lost its emotional charge.  It now felt settled and nothing more than a past memory.



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