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Because stress is ongoing and cumulative in the body, TRE is an ideal part of a stress relieving self-care routine.

TRE, Tension & Trauma Release Exercise

transend tough times

TRE is a revolutionary self-care approach that teaches you how to deliberately invoke your body’s innate shaking and tremoring reflex to physically release the effects of chronic stress and unresolved tension and trauma.  WholeLife Staff provides TRE Training services to Indivduals and Groups for Emergency First Responders, Soldiers & Veterans, Disaster Recovery, Kids & Schools, Therapists, Corporate Management & People in Workplace Environments.


At it’s core, TRE involves a revolutionary paradigm shift in understanding that the shaking and tremoring commonly experienced during stressful or traumatic experiences is not a ‘symptom’ of being scared, nervous or overwhelmed, but rather a key part of our body’s in-built recovery processes that can be deliberately invoked to restore ourselves to a calm and relaxed state on a regular and ongoing basis.

So many believe that in order to resolve trauma we must re-experience it to the move past it.  Nothing could be further from the truth. "This is where tremors have the advantage. Because tremors originate in the limbic system, they bypass the thinking brain and are not under our conscious control.  Using simple exercises to invoke tremoring in a safe and controlled way, TRE is entirely self-regulated and does not require recalling or talking about past events.  It's time for us to recognize that shaking is a healthy function that has a physiological rather than a psychological origin.  By reinforcing and harnessing these primordial and instintual tremors instead of treating them as if they were pathological, we are able to resolve the bodily manifestations of the overactive state of our sypathetic nervous system, restoring a state of balance." 

David Bercelli, Founder of TRE 

when the body remains charged

our brain will remain on alert






"TRE has enabled me to take back my life.  My family of origin trauma was so great that  at 30 years of age, I had been unable to act as a healthy functioning adult.  Now when I feel overwhelmed by circumstance, I am able to literally shake it off and move on. I am truly grateful.

Client,Grove City


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