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Do you long for healthy relationships, yet, repeatedly find yourself in harmful ones?

Our Programs: created out of COMMUNITY NEED

our psycho-educational program offering is unique to the central Ohio area.  the director of WholeLife is dedicated to extensive specialized training to meet the real needs of spouses and families in suburban communities where things look good on the outside, but the people living on the inside don't understand what's happening or where to turn to for help. these are the issues no one wants to mention:


       "my spouse is hurtful so much of the time"

                "my spouse can't sTop using Pornography"

     "mY cHuRch dIsOwned Me wHen I moved out after my husband bEAt mE Up" 

  "mY DAuGhTER's boyfriend is jEAlous and possesivE"

        "I am Not Able to simPLy StAtE a need and Ever reCEIVE A pOsITive OuTcome"

                         "hE Tells mE I aM too seNSitivE And CrAzY"

                                                     "I am threatened I will be hurt if I LeAvE"



Raising Awareness and Hope for Verbal Abuse

This interactive psycho-educational counseling program was developed to help people, mainly women but sometimes men, in need of verbal & emotional abuse counseling learn to make sense of what is happening to them. Learn how to no longer be an unknowing participant in the cycle.

Emotional Regulation Training 

Many clients want to be less reactive.  But mere understanding will never solve a complex issue such as this. Anger managment never works because skills learned in calm never hold in anger.  Emotional regulation training interspersed with somatic, body-based, treatments has been successful at creating a healthier neuro-biological environment which is then conducive to clients being able to sustain lasting change for those willing to do the hardwork.

Certified Clinical Partner Specialists - APSATS TRAINED

Pornography use and intimate betrayal are devastating to the spouse and family unit.  Also, attempts to justify. minimize or rationalize these addictive behaviors are ususally done so at the personal expense of the spouse.  This helps to explain why spouses suffering with addiction often act in abusive ways. Here partners can gain counseling support.  Polygraph services for those couples who desire to move past marrital infidelity are available.   Emotional Regulation training is also a great adjunct therapy to sexual addiction treatment and 12 step programs since all who suffer with addiction are emotionally dysregulated.

TRE Provders - cERTIFIED Level l & Level ll Providers

TRE, Tension and Trauma Release Exercise is a great adjunct therapy for clients dealing with general life stressors, of which there are many, to clients who have experienced past trauma or who are currently living with on-going relational trauma.  TRE also works as an effective complemetary therapy to those who desire to better regulate their own emotions.  TRE is considered a bottom-up treatment approach in that it alters the physiology of the body, thereby allowing clients to better stay in the healthy middle ground as compared with going to the self-defeating and harmful patterns of anger or avoidance as typical coping strategies.

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